This is a "SPHINX" multiband transciever made in ENGLAND

I have never tested it . It looks like it was paired with the LINEAR AMP I have for sale as originally they came from the same Radio Ham

(I bought it from a Radio Ham that was moving house and was having a clearout

IF you are Interested-Talk to me (STEVE)on 07896969841

Price will be included here when I have found another and can

I have the original SPHINX handbook somewhere---



Hello My name is Steve, I am a Radio Ham - M0WFO ,and a shooter as you will notice from Main website I am selling SOME of my gear as now running out of space plus my main Interest has changed to one of WURLITZERS theatre Organs.- Yes I built one in my garage over the last four years and is almost done- I have too much stuff around me and it is time to find a new home for most of it.