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Rifles Pre owned Page 2 Section 1 Firearms Licence Required for purchase.
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1 Anschutz match54.ST

  .25 PATRIOT air rifle FAC St138   L42 sniper Rifle ¬£400  

S42 code 1937 KAR98K Mauser 7.92





5 RUGER 10/22 black/walnut

6 Ruger 10/22 stutzen screwcut


7 RUGER10/22 varied

  8 SHILO SHARPS .45 21/10"(45/70)
  1. Anschutz match 54 RH,in vgc blacking is 90% plus. Looked after and very very accurate. £295. NO scope included
  2. Webley Patriot FAC air rifle .25 calibre springer£75
  3. 3. L42 Composite Sniper rifle7.62 selling on behalf of Friend Phone for details or ring 07748 404246(another Steve)phphone meone
  4. 4. Mauser KAR98K 7.92 (07748 404246-steve)4444
  5. S136 RUGER 10/2
  6. Ruger 10/22 Stutzen full walnut stock, brass extended magazine relaease and auto release bolt.Sighted barrel and scope rail fitted.
  7. RUGER 10/22 compo, rws red dot sight extended mag release , special trigger with stop.This gun is not very old and in vgc(Stock No.183)
  8. SHILO SHARPS rifle immaculate - one of my personal possesions-very sad to see go-SHILO these are rare and very expensive.45/70


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