Steve Tyler is a self employed Bridle and harness maker/leather worker and he will quote for repairs to your tack etc. .He lives in Worcester and he can usually be found on Sundays making a lot of noise and smoke with some ancient coal burner or other.....

Fun fun fun with a 1874 Shiloh Sharps coal burner in 45-2/10" calibre. YES you read that right.


here is link to a gunsmith who needs no introduction-he has been repairing fine english Shotguns for over sixty years. Graham Banks' expertise is in barrel repair and restocking.He is also a fine organist and was once a finalist in a talent contest( |Butlins, Skegness 1955) Sadly now suffers from organists' leg.


http://www.wnsc.co.uk/ my weekend retreat.....



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