I am very sorry to announce the passing of my dear friend Graham. He will be sorely missed by me and all that knew him.

Funeral will be at Worcester Crematorium onThursday 24th June@ 12:15









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RFD no 22/00000001321 West Mercia


I am Also A Radio Ham - M0WFO -and have decided to thin out my radio collection click on "RADIOS AND STUFF" opposite for a selection of odments for sale.


As a registered Firearms Dealer with West Mercia I can recieve virtually any type of firearm/shotgun from a member of the public as long as the relevent certificate is held. If a member of the public wants to hand in a firearm,because of licence renewal or simply because you found grandads' 303 service rifle in the attic,I can help with that too.

Antique guns are a different matter-you are allowed to hold these without a licence as an ornament. If they are to be fired then a firearms licence would be needed. How to tell its an antique? Sometimes that can be difficult as a 100 year old shotgun that takes centrefire cartridges(12 bore and .410's for example)are NOT classed as exempt by the authorities -simply because it can fire ready available cartridges. However a muzzle loading shotgun IS an antique if it is old. Some guns are made as a muzzle loader by modern manufacturers and can fool the unwary-these are not antique and need the relevent firearm certificate or shotgun certificate.A Muzzle loader is a firearm that is loaded at the end of the barrel and fired using a cap or flint.A Breechloading gun loads from the front end of the gun and uses cartridges. There are exeptions to these basic rules, one is the pinfire system which uses cartridges and is a breechloader but the ammunition is obsolete and no longer available. If you have any questions just give me a ring and I will try to help. Please feel free to browse and give me your feedback.